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Are there any plans to expose parasolid face imprint curve?

Jacob_CorderJacob_Corder Member Posts: 131 PRO
Are there any plans on releasing the ability to imprint a curve on a face.  For example, take the curve generated from opCreateCurvesOnFace, and split the face with that curve. Basically SplitFaceOnParam(as solidworks calls it, and IFace2::ImprintCurve).
The problem I regularly deal with is extracting the b spline surfaces, then trimming them with certain but not all edges that existed on the original faces. To do this, I am creating a sweep (using lockFaces)  of a small line normal to the face at the edge where the mid point touches the edge I want to imprint, and then splitting the face with that swept face, or creating an offset edge based on face plane normals along the edge I want to imprint, which takes a long time and is not the greatest as it does have tolerance issues. 

You could expose a new option in opSplitFace {"parameters" :[.25,.5],"IsUParameter":true} which would then split the face along the u parametric axis. or just remove the requirement of direction in split face which would then allow imprinting.

If not, then I will just be happy with all the good stuff you have given us and will see if I can figure out how to do it with opCreateBSplineSurface using the option "boundaryBSplineCurves".

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