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DXF file export in wrong units

philip_boddingtonphilip_boddington Member Posts: 1 ✭✭
I always model in metric mm's. Over the last 5 years I have successfully exported dxf files for laser cutting which have been cut to the correct dimensions. 

However I am now trying to send cutting drawings in dxf format to a different cutter and their software is telling me that my dxf files dimensions are incorrect. If my model has a dimension of 25.4 mm their software is reading this via my dxf file as 1 - ie the dimension is still correct but in the dxf file it has been converted to inches.

I read the ascii text in the dxf file and indeed the units are stated by onshape to be in inches which is incorrect.

Has something changed with how Onshape exports dxf files recently?

Am I write in thinking that  Onshape is converting my model dimensions from mm to inches when I export to dxf despite my drawings being in mm?

I saw the post about a workaround involving changing my model dimensions to inches and then saving to dxf. I don't see how this helps as my dxf file will still be in inches.

I would appreciate any help with this. Thanks.
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