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Onshape under the hood

ray_rackiewiczray_rackiewicz Member Posts: 2
Congratulations on such a groundbreaking product. Could someone here explain to me the technology under the hood with Onshape? Is this an end-to-end Javascript solution with Node.js on the server and some WebGL front end? Or is it a 3-part solution with a Objective-C/Swift app on the Ios side, Java or JVM based solution on the Android side, and a Javascript app for non-mobile browsers? It'd hope the former :) I'm just thinking ahead for extensibility and wondering what is on the road-map as far as community generated applications might be.

Exciting stuff! I'd LOVE to be bored with the technical details if anyone is willing to explain the wiring and piping.


  • noanoa Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 141
    Hi @ray_rackiewicz ,

    This won't cover all of your questions, but there was a good blog post by @ilya_baran here that talks about how we handle collaboration.


    Noa Flaherty / Customer Success / Onshape Inc.
  • ray_rackiewiczray_rackiewicz Member Posts: 2
    Nope. Not what I'm looking for :) but thanks.
  • dave_cdave_c Onshape Employees Posts: 42
    It is a cloud based SaaS implementation consisting of many interacting services on the server side, mainly a javascript client for browsers, and native client apps on mobile - all of which interact with the serve in essentially the same way - allowing true real time collaboration, true cloud security, and the other benefits of Onshape.  Sorry it is not what you'd hoped (-: but we believe it offers the best user experience on and off mobile for our customers - which is what ultimately drives all of our architectural decisions.
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