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Difficult Sheet Metal Part

kent_hendersonkent_henderson Member Posts: 68 PRO
edited May 27 in Community Support

Here is a tough one. I have the helix below I need to form from sheet metal. I can't roll this with any consistency. My plan is to (see the second picture) project these radial lines to the helicoid surface creating 11 segments onto the helicoid. Then, I'd like to make a line corner to corner in each of the segments to split the 11 segments into 22 triangles. I'd like to then split the surface into these 22 triangle. Then I'll take each triangle, create a plane from the 3 points of the triangle, and replace each face to with its corresponding plane, convert those facets to SM and place bends between the facets. Sounds easy, right? I'm sure it will be a lot of work. I'm having a hard time getting started with projecting lines onto the surface in order to proceed with the face splitting. Any ideas on how to make these projections?

The idea here is to form the features in the press break. The segments will start quite small at the top and end up quite large at the bottom so my radial will likely need to be progressive. I also wondered if having a cylindrical surface around the outside would allow me some advantage. I feel like if I can get the splits onto the surface I'd be home free. 



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