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Feature Script Help / Creation - Curved Text Deboss Cutout

Nath_McCNath_McC Member Posts: 35 PRO
edited June 20 in FeatureScript
Hi All,

I am wanting to know how possible it is to create a feature script of the below model. In honesty, I am looking for somebody to write the FS for me and I understand that there may be some sort of cost for the work involved.

I want to be able to select a location circle currently on the sketch 'FS Location Circle' and then take the value from the lot number and that is all. 

A couple of notes would be:
The thread size would always be a variable #Thread_Size within the document (this value is part of the configurations)
The lot number would ideally be a variable but if it needs to be an input box there I don't mind.
The value after FM should link to the #Thread_Size value.
The feature script would start after the FS Location circle and complete what the steps after it show.
All the values in the operations generally are either what they are set as now or an equation linking to the thread size. 
I have used another FS to create the curved text but not sure if this needs to be integrated or can be created another way. 


I am not sure if it is can be completed as I hope, but any assistance would be really appreciated. Please feel free to reach out directly if you are interested in helping me and want to discuss anything in more detail.


  • caden_armstrongcaden_armstrong Member, User Group Leader Posts: 33 PRO
    Hi Nathan,

    You'll need to set the document to public for other people to be able to see it.

    Software Development Lead - CADSharp
  • Nath_McCNath_McC Member Posts: 35 PRO
    Thank you, I have sent across an email.
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