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Why is the API call to export a file as a STL from a different domain?

lebenitolebenito Member Posts: 5
I've set my base url as cad.onshape.com as usual and every GET API call works great.
But when I want to get the stl-file of my partstudio (with "partstudios/d/{did}/w/{wid}/e/{eid}/stl") then I get the following warning:

headers.py:35: UserWarning: Requesting a url from a different domain (cad-euw1.onshape.com:443) than in the client configuration: (cad.onshape.com)
Do I really need to make a different client with this different confguration just for this one stl api call or is there a way to fix it?
And why couldn't I find this error?
Is it only because I live in the eu?

Thanks in advance
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