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Additional Locator Points for Frames Profile

matthew_stacymatthew_stacy Member Posts: 415 PRO
Profiles for Frames seem to have 9 default locator points, layed out on a rectangular grid.  How do I add additional locator points to suite geometric features on a custom profile?  For the example shown below, I would like to add a 10th locator point at the center of the off-center hole.  Adding a sketch point does not seem to make any difference.


  • shawn_crockershawn_crocker Member, OS Professional Posts: 599 PRO
    I would also like to do this.  I sort of just gulped and accepted these locator points but thinking about it, they maybe defined in the featurescript code and maybe able to handle customizing.  Maybe not.  I'm going to dig through and see if there is some way to hijack them and have them generate based on user definition from geometry within the profile sketch.  I'm sort of used to solid works where you can use any point within a sketch to position the profile along the sweep.
  • matthew_stacymatthew_stacy Member Posts: 415 PRO
    Please vote for the associated Improvement Request.  I propose that all vertices and sketch points in the profile be converted to locator points.  Alternatively, provide a means to select specific sketch points.
  • shawn_crockershawn_crocker Member, OS Professional Posts: 599 PRO
    I voted.
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