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Simulation Outputs

bert_fouriebert_fourie Member Posts: 100 PRO
I have used the simulation a couple of times and am really, really impressed with the ease of use, robustness and time it would save me. However, I find the resulting graphic output limiting. For small parts OK, but for assemblies, the simulation of deflection is too fast and not adjustable in scale speed. The colour scale is not adjustable in value. There is no ability to pick points for area-specific results and there is no max/min stress facility to see where those may occur. There is no choice of deflection in a specific direction, principal stresses etc, although I could live without those for use as a design tool.
I assume those features are still on their way?


  • GregBrownGregBrown Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 93
    I hope by now you've seen the new updates to the results which should address a lot of your concerns: the deformation scale, the ability to drag the ends of the color legend... There are some other results types on the way as well, keep your eyes peeled for this. Otherwise we do have a long list of things we want to get to, but have to juggle how long it would take to get to it all, versus getting something into production that people can already get value from.
  • bert_fouriebert_fourie Member Posts: 100 PRO
    Hi Greg, yes I did and it looks good. A strange thing happened with a simulation I did today, the stress distribution shows nicely for a few seconds and then the entire model all reverts to max scale, red in this case as I use rainbow colours. Any ideas?

  • chris_gromek_onshapechris_gromek_onshape Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 19
    Bert, it should be within a couple more weeks that you find the legend "pegged" to a more reasonable upper bound.  The statistical analysis is already in place to determine that threshold, it is now just a matter of implementing the UI.  The topmost maximum value will still be discoverable, but it will not longer skew the entire legend as it does today.

    As an aside, Rainbow is my color scheme of choice as well, at least until we unlock custom color schemes!
  • bert_fouriebert_fourie Member Posts: 100 PRO
    Nothing beats a good rainbow! Keep up the good work - I like this simulation a lot! Long term I am thinking it could be accommodated in an animation sequence. The potential ability to simulate complex assemblies is unreal. I would like to also see welds and bolted connections added longer term. For now, it is already very useful.
  • chris_gromek_onshapechris_gromek_onshape Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 19
    Thank you for the kind words Bert, that is very heartening for us all to hear.  We will keep up the hard work and aim to keep delivering for you!

  • bert_fouriebert_fourie Member Posts: 100 PRO
    The issue reported with my analysis has now been resolved - I had a scaling issue with the visual representation but now working well. I am also very impressed with how faultlessly it automatically determined multiple connections. Really good going guys
  • thenameizakthenameizak Member Posts: 3 PRO
    Can you explain more aout the 'deformation scale'. I see that the scale is set to default 15% of the diagonal of the bouding box. But my question is in real world application, what value should I set it for?
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