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Can the BOM show extrude lengths? Like to add up lenghts of pipe.

Tony_C_Tony_C_ Member Posts: 273 PRO
Is there a way to have the BOM see what part lengths are when they're made from extrudes?

We're creating BOM's on systems that have piping that we currently create using in-context extrudes and are looking to find a way to easily add up those lengths.

Or is there another way we should be going about creating the pipe in order for the BOM to pull the information?



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    edward_petrilloedward_petrillo Member Posts: 80 EDU
    A useful FeatureScript- Stock Size-


    might do what you want.  It calculates bounding dimensions for parts in the part studio where they are created and assigns the result to a property.  The BOM for any assembly in which the part appears will show the dimensions in the property column.  

    You can define "custom profiles" for parts- we use this feature extensively for aluminum extrusions such as 8020.  Export the BOM to a spreadsheet and you can sort by profile type and create a cut list.

    Similar functionality is available in the "Frame" tool, but we find that the Stock Size FS suits our workflow better- you choose.
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    matthew_stacymatthew_stacy Member Posts: 486 PRO
    @Tony_C_, experiment with the "Frames" toolset if you haven't already.  This will sweep standard or custom pipe profiles along a sketch path.  Better yet it also generates cutlists.

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    Tony_C_Tony_C_ Member Posts: 273 PRO
    Thanks for the suggestions.
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