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Select multiple items and Exclude from BOM at once

Bryan_JonesBryan_Jones Member Posts: 3 PRO
There needs to be the capability of selecting multiple items in the BOM table and excluding them all at once.  I frequently need to import PCBA's with hundereds to thousands of parts which won't combine properly using boolean.  Currently, the only way to exclude them is to right-click and exclude every single item one at a time.  I should be able to shift-click and pick an entire range and then be able to exculde them from the BOM under the assembly.


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    S1monS1mon Member Posts: 2,450 PRO
    There are a couple of solutions to this issue. You might try the Fix PCB feature script. It can be helpful to simplify the model.

    If you have a part studio with all the PCB components, then just using a composite part can help simplify things too.

    If you want/need to keep it as an assembly, you can use the "show assembly only" option for the "Subassembly BOM behavior" field. See this tech tip.

    Exclude from BOM honestly doesn't work for me in most situations because it is a per part option. It's not based on the assembly that the part is in. If you use Exclude from BOM on a USB connector, that part will never show in any BOM in your company.
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    GlenGlen Member Posts: 7
    Have you tried using a closed composite. Only one part to insert in assemblies.
    Having said that! I would also like to see ability to select within BOM.
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