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Problem with model bending

bård_olsenbård_olsen Member Posts: 17
I made a model:

Not sure if you can see it, but i want to bend some of the surfaces but the sheet metal addon refuses to let me select the lines i want to bend along.
surely onshape can bend along predefined lines, not just edges?
If I could convert it into sheet metal, so i could freely bend the sides, or use flange/hem i would be happy, but when i try to make a sheet model, it just refuses to let me select anything, not even a surface can be selected.

I watched some sheet metal videos on youtube, but there is seems so simple since they can select any of the sides, or edges, but none of the videos take into account starting the bend in the middle of a side, only edges.

I saw Freecad with it's metal plugin could do it, but it is much harder to use i think than Onshape.

Basically all i want is to point to a line crossing a side, select it and say "bend here", and let me set attributes accordingly.

The end result should be like this.
Notice the hem on one side, and the small hinges on the inside fronts. These i will want to bend into shape too.

My appologies if there are errors in the sketches causing my sheet metal to not work, i just can't see them.

Hoping for some non-flaming advise here.

Thanks so much in advance.



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    wayne_sauderwayne_sauder Member, csevp Posts: 493 PRO
    You might check out some of these tools. 
    Sheet Metal Fold
    Forming Tool
     However, I would recommend that you study the documentation on how onshape handles sheet metal. I think your project could be solved much more simply if you would use the true power of the sheet metal tools. 

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    bård_olsenbård_olsen Member Posts: 17
    I managed to get Fold SM working :) Thanks
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