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cemturkmencemturkmen Member Posts: 5 PRO
Hello, I have 500 countersink holes on different faces of my assembly. I can not populate them by selecting the face nor manually picking up the holes one by one. I contacted the support but that did not help, first of all I do not want to waste time to picking the up one by one, secondly If i chose manually the lower mate the countering turns upside down. There no way to place them without editing the mate connector.  I need a easy solution. Anybody can advise?


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    GWS50GWS50 Member Posts: 386 PRO
    If you get one Csk screw in place you can then use the Replicate tool to quickly add all the others.

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    antlu65antlu65 Member Posts: 55 EDU
    I would do exactly what GWS50 suggested. Could you link your document?
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    cemturkmencemturkmen Member Posts: 5 PRO
    GWS50 said:
    If you get one Csk screw in place you can then use the Replicate tool to quickly add all the others.

    Yes, thanks for your advice. That worked quite well. But still this has to be fixed. For example, I have these hinges where I need to use CSKs.I have 8 hinges 16 holes. Replicate is not working. I can live with it. For now :)

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    romeograhamromeograham Member, csevp Posts: 661 PRO
    One thing to be aware of for Replicate to work: the mate that is getting replicated must be valid for all instances.
    I've had to try different references for the mates (along with trying different targets as well).
    Depending on the Instance (1) and the mate type (and how you defined it) (2), you may need to try different combinations at (3):

    Generally, Onshape tries to give only valid options in (3), but you may need to change your mate references to make it work. 

    You may need to go and edit "Fastened 1" mate.

    Good luck!
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