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Item Callout Balloon for Item Reference?

I have created an "Item" in our company account that represents a standard material we use across multiple SKUs (In this case, 2mm drawcord).  When I add the item to the BOM and reference the component that is just a physical representation for that "Item" it adds both the "Item" and the Part that is a physical representation as separate line items in the BOM.  I only want to show the "Item" in the BOM table, and have the balloon callout reference the "Item" instead of the physical Part.

If I set the properties of the physical Part to "Excluded from BOM", then the BOM table shows me what I want, but I cannot attach a balloon callout to the physical part in the exploded view that represents the "Item".  

What am I missing in the process to make this work?  Let me know if I've not explained it well enough, too.  I can create a dummy example to demonstrate what's going on, but I can't share the specific example due to IP.


  • trevor_tollefsboltrevor_tollefsbol Member Posts: 7 PRO
    Sorry, this is my first time asking a question in the Community, and it looks like I posted to the wrong location.  I can't seem to move or delete this post now.
  • trevor_tollefsboltrevor_tollefsbol Member Posts: 7 PRO
    As a follow-up, I've added a few images to help explain a little better.  The first image shows the insertion of the BOM Item and its reference is Part 2 (the physical representation for the drawcord).

    The second image shows how the callouts are listed in the drawing.  I would like only the callout for the BOM Item (2mm DRAWCORD) to show in the table, and to be referenced when I add a Table Item Callout balloon to the exploded view.

    If I make the physical representation of the drawcord to "Exclude from BOM", then the table displays correctly, but the balloon callout no longer references anything.  Even after reattaching to the physical representation of the BOM Item.  I know this is because it's looking for item 2 in the above image, but I want it to reference the added BOM Item (which is now the new item 2).

    Maybe this just doesn't work with BOM Items, but I appreciate any help you can offer.
  • Hans_Leirvik_1Hans_Leirvik_1 Member Posts: 35 PRO
    I am not sure, but I think you can not reference an item from a balloon.
    I use items only for adding grease, oil, glue and similar to the BOM, then I add a text note or a ballon with overwritten content to the part.
  • trevor_tollefsboltrevor_tollefsbol Member Posts: 7 PRO
    @Hans_Leirvik_1 Thanks for the response.  I ended up contacting support on this one and below is the response I received back.  It sounds like it is in the works, but not released yet.

    "Items cannot use callouts today. We do not have the support needed yet to allow this to work. I know we currently do pick parts to reference.. however we need face support so the callouts can be attached.  Once we have it we will have what we need for auto balloon and other cool stacked balloon features.  I will add you to the request so you are notified when we support this. 
    Your support ticket:
    "BOM Item References"
    has been marked as an improvement request."

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