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Separate single parts from multi-body-part

Axel_KollmenterAxel_Kollmenter Member Posts: 335 PRO
Hello everyone,

If I create a multi-body-partstudio and after that I decide somehow one part should be in a separate partstudio. Is there a way to separate one part out of the multi-body-partstudio?
Or is working with "in Context" from the begining the only/best option?
Best regards,

Axel Kollmenter


  • S1monS1mon Member Posts: 1,236 PRO
    You can do some work to create the features which are interdependent on the multi body part studio and then derive the part into its own part studio for further detailing.
  • Axel_KollmenterAxel_Kollmenter Member Posts: 335 PRO
    Yeah but thats not exact what I want. Thank you anyways! :)

    Best regards,

    Axel Kollmenter
  • S1monS1mon Member Posts: 1,236 PRO
    Do you want to separate the features for just one part from a multi body part studio? That’s much harder. There’s no automatic way to do it. I haven’t done it, but you can copy a part studio (from the tab menu), and then delete the features you don’t want. If there are a lot of interdependencies this will be harder.

    It might be best to explain why you want to separate the part. There may be different solutions.
  • Axel_KollmenterAxel_Kollmenter Member Posts: 335 PRO
    edited September 2022
    If Im in an assembly and want some parts as a subassembly. I can select these parts and right click "create subassembly out of these parts".
    I want kinda the same thing but in a partstudio. So I create one part. Now I create another part in the same partstudio with no reference to each other. Later that day I want both parts in separate partstudios for whatever reason. In my thoughts the easiest way would be right click on the choosen part -> "move to new partstudio". This would be nice. Is there a current workaround?

    Yeah I know I could duplicate the part studio and cut each part away but I want it clean as a new partstudio.

    There is no specific reason why I have to do this xD but I wonder if its possible. Would be nice in my opinion. Maybe.

    Best regards,

    Axel Kollmenter
  • eric_pestyeric_pesty Member Posts: 703 PRO
    I can't think of any "smart" way to do it...
    The only way I can think off is to copy the part studio and delete all the features you don't want.
    If the parts were mostly independent in the first place it shouldn't be too much work, otherwise derive/delete part but that leaves all the features behind.
  • dirk_van_der_vaartdirk_van_der_vaart Member Posts: 353 ✭✭✭
    Suppress features in a configurationlist , you can toggle what what you like to see, nothing is deleted.
  • Axel_KollmenterAxel_Kollmenter Member Posts: 335 PRO
    @eric_pesty @dirk_van_der_vaart Thank you guys. I know these options but I wonder if there is a way like in assemblys. But now I know there isnt an "official" way xD

    Best regards
    Best regards,

    Axel Kollmenter
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