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rod_muirhead943rod_muirhead943 Member Posts: 87 EDU
Good morning.  I have a student who has some how, or I have made an error in setting up this student in class.  The student can only "View" his work.  He is a returning student and can not sketch or create.  There is also a huge task bar at the bottom of his tablet.

How can I fix and fix quick?



  • Domenico_DiMareDomenico_DiMare Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 82
    Hi @rod_muirhead943

    It could be a couple things.

    First I'd recommend looking at the share dialog of the document and confirming that the student has edit permissions.

    If the student has the correct permission, then my guess is that their EDU account expired and they need to renew. EDU accounts expire after a year. When they expire they loose the ability to edit private documents and can only work on public documents. If you made the document for the student, it is likely private by default, not public.

    Have the student renew by filling out this form with the same email address as their current account and they will be upgraded.
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