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select multiple generated items

This is what I want to do, along with how I do it, cause the problem might go away if I do something different along the way. The problem I have run into is with applying the fillets at the end. 

The whole process is driven by parameters to make it easier to change.

I start off with some sketches, I extrude them into a couple of parts and then merge them into a single part.Then I do a linear pattern and select the single part, the numbers for rows and columns come from variables. After I tenerate the new parts with the linear pattern I again combine them into a single part. I had a problem where if I increased the number of parts generated the new ones were left over after the combine but I solved this by generating far more parts than I would ever have and combining them. Then when I had smaller numbers for rows and columns all the generated ones were combined. If there is a better way of doing this please tell me.

Now, I have the one combined part I would like to fillet the outside corners. I can generate a fillet and select the outside corners of my part and it works fine. The problem is if I go back and change the row or column numbers the part generates but the fillet is now on the inside or on a non existent part. 

The way I see to make this, and other things in the future, work is to do some kind of parametric selection. This would solve this problem and make my earlier solution far more elegant. 

The original part is a square and I could fillet the corners there but if the linear pattern is 2x2 then the inside corners are filleted too. So another solution would be to fill in those interior holes. Or, my way of thinking as a programmer, would be along the lines of using the location of the generated part to decide which corners of it are filleted. 


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