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How to ignore configuration variable in configured properties?


I have example case where I have configuration list for pipe diameter and wall thickness. There is also configuration variable for length. I have configured properties for two pipe sizes, but initial length of pipe is also automatically added. I'd like to get BOM for different sizes, but for any lengths. How I ignore that length variable in configured properties? At now description is empty in BOM if length is something else than 100 mm.


In assembly item 1 and 2 are length 100mm and item 3 length is 120mm. So description of item 3 is not viewed-

Example case:

Best Answers

  • lasse_räty558lasse_räty558 Member Posts: 3 PRO
    Answer ✓
    Thanks for quick answer. Let's hope for improvement in this. At now this is real dealbreaker, because I should fill manually BOM. 
  • eric_pestyeric_pesty Member Posts: 1,194 PRO
    Answer ✓
    There are a couple possible workarounds for this.
    One is to simply edit the BOM at the end and it will create an entry in the configuration list for that specific length, however this is not ideal as you will have to repeat the process if you change lengths or use different ones...

    Another option is to keep your current model as a "master" and create a derived part for each "size" that includes a variable for length but where the properties are not configured. The only real downside is that you need to use different parts in your assembly for the different "sizes". However by doing it this way (coming from the same "master"), the face ids will match so mates shouldn't break when do a "replace" to change to a different size.

    It will still list parts of different lengths as different rows but they will all have the correct description.
    Here's an example of this "master model" idea here (with a couple of ways of using it):



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