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How to move a point on a sketch on to the corner of a body

VoyagerVoyager Member Posts: 10 EDU
Hey, I would like to move the point of the triangle to the top of the body.

The biggest problem is, that onshape wont let me select the corner of the body, because its in a other sketch.
Could you please help me fixing this?


  • Matt_ShieldsMatt_Shields Member, Simulation EVP Posts: 37 EDU
    Press U then Q.  U is the Use tool.  Q turns on construction geometry.  Then grab that top edge.  Now you can select the corner of the body.
  • SethFSethF Member Posts: 114 PRO
    You can click on the points to select them and then hit [i] or the coincident constraint to line them up. You could also, while in the coincident constraint tool, select the top of that cylinder, then the point.

  • matthew_stacymatthew_stacy Member Posts: 415 PRO
    @Voyager, "Pierce" provides another approach for constraining sketch entities to existing geometry.  In this case you can pierce the circular edge (visible in isometric view) with the vertex of your triangle.

    In other situations it can be helpful to create an "Intersection curve", or split a face of the part, to make the geometry more accessible for subsequent sketching.
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