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shawn_crockershawn_crocker Member, OS Professional Posts: 790 PRO
I am noticing the configuration string used to pull an items metadata with an API endpoint looks something like this "HEIGHT=0.5334000000000001+meter;WIDTH=0.9144000000000001+meter".  I am also noticing the configuration string used to pull the same items base64 thumbnail image looks like this "PNEEKSKHJBKD2NBWGAZDSNZZGY2TSNRSG43TKNJSGYZCA3LFORSXELBAK5EUIVCIHU2DMMBWGQYTCNBQGI2TIMZYGEYTKOBQEBWWK5DFOJ6Q".  Instead of pulling out metadata just so that I can build a thumbnail end point with that configuration string structure, does anyone know how to convert that first string into the second string using JavaScript?  I'm trying to hopefully build my own thumbnail end point using data that I already have received from pulling out a BOM.


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