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"Essential Mathematics for computational design" - but for Onshape?

S1monS1mon Member Posts: 2,492 PRO
It would be really great if there were an Onshape/Parasolid/FeatureScript version of documentation like this that exists for Rhino. It's been released as a PDF book in 4 editions over the years, and also as the linked website. Much of the math and concepts are basically the same for Onshape as for Rhino (both being 3D CAD programs based on NURBS), so depending on your familiarity with computer aided geometric design math, it could help get someone from high-school level math more comfortable with some of the amazing things you can do with FeatureScript. Unfortunately, being that it's written for Rhino users, there's a lot of references to Grasshopper and the VBScript and Python versions of those commands - none of which is that directly useful for Onshape/FeatureScript users.

The FeatureScript documentation is useful, but it is not at a level that someone with little experience with concepts like dot-products or G2 continuity will be able to manipulate geometry. Please, PTC/Onshape, it would be great if you published something like this for FeatureScript.

(I will say that some of the discussion around knots is not as illuminating as other resources.)


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    Jacob_CorderJacob_Corder Member Posts: 129 PRO
    I know what I am doing today now, reading all of this.  Thanks for the link, its always great to learn new stuff, even if it doesn't exactly apply to featurescript.  The complex math stuff will always apply. 
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    Evan_ReeseEvan_Reese Member Posts: 2,071 PRO
    I wasn't aware of this resource and I'm excited to dig in when I can
    Evan Reese / Principal and Industrial Designer with Ovyl
    Website: ovyl.io
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