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Fillet Menu/Options bugged/broken [Solved]

AlexvdpAlexvdp Member Posts: 2 EDU
edited December 2022 in Community Support

I am running into a issue with the Fillet Context menu, the settings and options are not as shown.
From what I can find, I seem to have activated a advanced context menu features for the fillet menu somewhere, but I do not know how to reset it.

The wiki-page for the Fillet feature does not list how to undo this setting.


How my menu looks:

How the menu should look:

How Do I fix this Issue with the Fillet Context menu?

Solution: It looks like it had to do with the doccuments age, having a older document from before the Fillet context menu settings where updated

Best Answer


  • mahirmahir Member, Developers Posts: 1,277 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2022 Answer ✓
    @Alexvdp this isn't a bug. Several weeks ago Onshape upgraded the capabilities of the Fillet feature to include partial fillets. And back in 2017 they added variable fillet. Check the links below for the video explanation of how these features are used. If you weren't seeing the options before, then it was probably because your document has somehow escaped being updated till now.


  • AlexvdpAlexvdp Member Posts: 2 EDU

    Thank you for the explanation, This might have indeed been the case. as when I open a new document, I get the "advanced" Fillet settings, unlike the older doccument.

    Regarding the document escaping the update. This looks to be the case. as I copied the original document twice, and tested a few things,
    It looks to be the case that it had to do with the Documents age, with me closing the document between Oneshape sessions. which causes the document to update itself. giving the changed settings window I have now.

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