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How do you make a custom workflow for release management that uses a BOOL for accessing transitions

Lukas_LundLukas_Lund Member Posts: 17 PRO
(Long time listener first time caller)
I am trying to set up a custom workflow for release management. I am trying to make it so that a property is asked when submitting for release if this is "For quote only"
I have the property generate but I don't want the option for someone to accidentally fully release it.
So looking to incorporate some logic into the workflow like:
If prop is false
then allow transition (for full release)

If prop is true
then allow transition (for quote only)

Thus only allowing end user to see 1 of 2 approve buttons when reviewing


Best Answer


  • Lukas_LundLukas_Lund Member Posts: 17 PRO
    for reference

  • mschmidt_onshapemschmidt_onshape Onshape Employees Posts: 1
    It sounds like you want the submitter to be the one who decides whether the release is a "full" release or a "quote only" release, and the reviewer to have no choice and just send it where it needs to go - and these are two distinct "types" of release - is that right?

    I would suggest using two separate workflows for that - one for "full release" and one for "quote only" - each of which has only one thing the reviewer can do to approve.
    Then in your enterprise release settings, you can check "enable multiple active workflows" and select both.

    This way, when the submitter creates the release, they will first get a dialog where they can pick which workflow they want to use - no workflow-level property needed.
  • Lukas_LundLukas_Lund Member Posts: 17 PRO
    Answer ✓
    That was an option I was looking into but this is how I ended up solving it.

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