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New Feature: the Puzzle-Inator

imants_smidchensimants_smidchens Member Posts: 61 EDU
Version 1 release of a new feature (yea its a bit buggy I know) to convert your parts into puzzle pieces!
grab it for yourself here

planned improvements:
auto offset surfaces for clearance (if 3d printing)
intersection detection (avoidable if you just change the seed for pseudorandom number generation)
more robustness of course


  • MichaelPascoeMichaelPascoe Member Posts: 1,556 PRO

    Cool! Nice name B)

    Learn more about the Gospel of Christ  ( Here )

    CADSharp  -  We make custom features and integrated Onshape apps!   cadsharp.com/featurescripts 💎
  • sebastian_glanznersebastian_glanzner Member, Developers Posts: 390 PRO
    Wow, that would be really cool!

    If Onshape had the ability to add textures, we could map images onto the puzzle pieces, making the solving experience even more enjoyable.

    Additionally, it would be great to have a button that randomizes the position of the pieces, adding an element of surprise and challenge.

    And with the ability to share the document and work on the puzzle together in real-time with multiple users, it would be a truly interactive and collaborative experience.

    Let's hope Onshape adds this feature in the future!
  • bryan_lagrangebryan_lagrange Member, User Group Leader Posts: 755 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Great feature script @imants_smidchens Here is my first creation and render.

    Bryan Lagrange
    Twitter: @BryanLAGdesign

  • Aaron_MagninAaron_Magnin Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 114
    Great work @imants_smidchens ! Can't wait to try it. 
  • Evan_ReeseEvan_Reese Member Posts: 2,034 PRO
    So cool! thanks for sharing. The automatic clearances you mention seem pretty important for this one, but I think a clever box selection can work for now.

    I love that you just did that!
    Evan Reese / Principal and Industrial Designer with Ovyl
    Website: ovyl.io
  • brian_stottbrian_stott Member Posts: 2
    Will you be working on another pattern other than a grid?   Integrating random or custom flow patterns would make things exciting.
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