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Frames - notching and cut lists

rob_relvarob_relva Member Posts: 4
Hello all,

Brand new to on shape but I feel very familiar with it already and I have managed to generate custom frame items and get cracking almost immediately which is unusual for CAD package so well done to the development team for creating such a user friendly product, thoroughly impressive.

A few quirks I have come across that hopefully have an easy answer and someone can point me in the right direction.

It does not seem possible to have a cut list consistent with how frames such as the one I'm linking to are typically constructed. In particular PARTS 34, 35, 36, 37

When creating a cope for Universal beams it is typical that you allow a tolerance for the beam to fit without it being an interference when joining beams perpendicular to oneanother https://www.barrettsteel.com/BarrettSteel/media/BarrettSteel/Downloads/Sales_Laser_Pro_guide_Feb22_KH_V2.pdf?ext=.pdf (see notched beam detail) otherwise any error in the floor piles has a knock on down the line, so my question is this.


Is it possible to produce a cope such as in PART36, when trimming the frame section to allow for an offset of say 5mm? So that It can fit between the 2 perpendicular beams with some slop? As you can see I have attempted to simulate that with a boolean op but sadly the cut list can no longer assess the beam length.

Its the same scenario when using a sketch to extrude a cut notch through the beam, e.g. PART 35, we lose the beam length.

If we try a simple push/pull to reduce the length e.g., PART 37, the beam length is again lost.

When trimming to beams within the frames environment you can only achieve an interference fit, e.g. PART 34, and the cope is less than ideal, but we do have a beam length to work to in the cut list, it just doesn't have any tolerance.

What I don't want to do, if I can help it, is issue a cut list with indeterminate lengths, and have to issue drawings with lengths that the fabricator has to cross reference with the guy on the saw. I simply want my saw operator to cut the lengths with tolerance taken into account, and the fabricator to make the appropriate notch and hole pattern based on the drawing. Is this achievable? Am I going about it cack-handed?

Thank you to anyone taking the time to look.

Kind regards,


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