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Exam with Classes and Assignment

I am currently checking the new "Classes & Assignments" functionality to decide if we should perform our exams with it.

Until now, we shared a document with Parts for Assembly and Drafting to a team with all the examiners inside.
The examiners had than to copy the workspace, rename it and share it with the teacher team.
By start of the exam, the teacher removed the share permission for each examiner document to make it impossible to share the exam with others.

The new "Classes & Assignments" has some really convincing details like the "Submit" button or that the document is automatically renamed and shared with the educators.
But: The examiners are able to share the document with others, what wo do not like.
No problem we thought: We can remove the share permission as we did until now, but then, the submit button does not work anymore.
Is it supposed to be like this, or have I set something incorrectly?

How do you perform exams?


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    laurentlaurent Member Posts: 2 EDU
    So far, that's what we're doing as well. We are also testing these features with the same questions about being able to choose whether the student can or cannot share the exam document.
    I have not seen an option to limit permissions at this time. I also don't have a good solution to be able to check if the document was shared during the exam or if another person could model instead of the evaluated student (except to go through the document history by hand (which would be way too long for us).
    Even though these new features seem great, I think we will continue as we have been doing for now and see what the future possibilities are.

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    matthew_mueller537matthew_mueller537 Member Posts: 24 PRO
    Hello and thanks for the feedback.

    We did not specifically focus on the examination use case with the original release of Classes & Assignments, but we will make sure it's on the roadmap. You are correct that the students need share permission to be able to submit the document as of now (having the share permission is necessary for some of the workflows in Classes & Assignments). We will explore an improvement that allows for more control of share permission on the documents created through assignments.

    In the meantime, it is very straightforward to check who has worked on a document with the analytics built into Classes & Assignments. When you click on a student's row from the submission list on an assignment, you can open the right panel analytics interface, and at the bottom you can see what users have worked on the document and for how much time (as well as what element types and feature types are used). This should allow you to very easily see if any students had tried to cheat. 

    Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other ideas or feedback about Classes & Assignments.
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    raphaeljudraphaeljud Member Posts: 2 EDU
    Thanks a lot for your answers... @laurent & @matthew_mueller537

    It would be really useful for exams, if we could decide to deactivate the Share button or the share permission in the assignment creation dialog.
    I would love a simple solution as easy as the submission options:

    But for now we will stick with the current solution as well.
    It seems right now easier and faster to go through all documents in a team and take away the share permission.

    I'm for sure looking forward to future updates for the "classes & assignments" :smiley:
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