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Loft surface is strange

jon_nealjon_neal Member Posts: 4

I did a brief search and couldn't find anything that told me how to remedy this.

I'm trying to make a little coffee ground measuring/pouring gadget, which is just a little bowl with a spout on it.

For the spout, I created a beginning and end shape I wanted in two different sketches, then lofted between them.

The trouble is, this gave a weird asymmetric surface for some reason. It's not a huge deal for the purpose this device is going to serve, but I'd love to figure out why it's like this and fix it.

Here is a screenshot looking straight down from the top that shows the issue:

CAD document here:

Thank you!!


  • S1monS1mon Member Posts: 1,979 PRO
    You either need to add some symmetric guides or at least use match connections and pick pairs of points that are the same on either side. See the help:
  • jon_nealjon_neal Member Posts: 4
    Ah, I see! I don't fully understand how that works, but I messed around with match connections and got something that was definitely more symmetric.

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