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create curve from two vertex and over defined surface

otaolafrotaolafr Member Posts: 113 EDU
I am looking for a correct solution to solve this problem:
I have two vertexes that are part of a body(grey) and more specifically to the surface green, I could like to be able to recreate the edge highlighted by using only, the vertexes and the surface itself (without using the previously created edge).
I can achieve this by creating a bridging curve and matching the tagency to the original edge but this uses the original edge when what I am looking to do is create it.
something like this (in logic): having the two vertexes, the surface of the green cylinder from that two inputs, create a line that is placed over the surface of the cylinder and connects the two vertexes by the minimum distance.

best regards



  • Evan_ReeseEvan_Reese Member Posts: 2,056 PRO
    I don't think there's going to be a clean solution to this since there are so many possible curves on the surface between those points. Here's one approach using a projected curve pulled to the face. It get's close, but I don't know how precise you need it to be.

    Evan Reese / Principal and Industrial Designer with Ovyl
    Website: ovyl.io
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