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Display states/drawings update

I have a medium sized assembly with a seven page drawing detailing the parts. I have created a new part in the assembly which appears in the drawings messing up the drawings. The display states in the drawings are using display states for the various parts. I am not sure how to prevent new parts appearing in previous display states. Do I have to go through all the display states individually and hide the new part and update the display state? 


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    MichaelPascoeMichaelPascoe Member Posts: 1,713 PRO
    edited January 2023

    There is another way, incase you don't want to update each display state: 
    • Right click the drawing view of the assembly
    • Show / hide parts.

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    Alexander_MorganAlexander_Morgan Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Michael. That's helped, but it seems a very inefficient way of managing a large drawing when you are working top down and adding parts to a large assembly. I feel as though I am missing an important step that streamlines/smoothens this process because when I add a part to an assembly, some of the pages on the drawing go crazy with sections/parts of the drawings scattering themselves about the page. Do you really have to go through each display state hiding a new part?  
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