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Chrome renders differently than Firefox

michal_bartakmichal_bartak Member Posts: 16
I'm trying to figure out why Chrome exposes rendering artifacts, while Firefox runinng on the same machine works perfectly.
I do use 2 computers: desktop with Windows 10 and notebook Thinkpad T490 with Intel gfx built-in running Fedora. The issue appear on the second one. On desktop computer both browsers works properly

I could understand all browsers affected due to weak gfx card in T490. But Firefox has no this problem. Maybe you could point me to some settings which improve the Chrome.

The issue manifests in two ways. The first is different in colors. 
Here is the screenshot from Chrome

And the same from Firefox

You can clearly see difference. Chrome colours are washed out, to the extend that navigation cube is barelly visible.

The second isssue is, that when working with 3d objects, the objects flicker a lot. No black artifacts like mentioned in other posts. Objects just frequently disapear and appear again while scalling, rotating, moving etc.

I'm just deadly currious why such a difference between Chrome and Firefox while both running on the same machine.

thank you.
With regards.


  • S1monS1mon Member Posts: 1,236 PRO
    There might be some settings which need to be fixed.

    Try https://cad.onshape.com/check and see if there are any issues reported.
  • michal_bartakmichal_bartak Member Posts: 16
    Thank you for the suggestion.
    Indeed the check unveils low performance of Chrome in comparison Firefox, and also confirms that Chrome uses Mesa driver. Not sure why those Mesa drivers perform so badly. Now I have to find out how to force chrome to use the native driver.



  • S1monS1mon Member Posts: 1,236 PRO
    Follow the "Graphics Performance Recommendations" link. There are several settings that it will take you through.
  • michal_bartakmichal_bartak Member Posts: 16
    Thank you, it mentions Override software rendering but in my case, it doesn't change anything (see below). It led me in the proper direction though.

    I found, that disabling Vulcan gfx backend helps with gfx artifacts as well as with the measured performance

    On top of that, I found that having opened other tabs in Chrome, especially with heavy applications like google docs, Jira etc, impacts performance measurement significantly. For example, after disabling Vulcan I measured about 60mln triangles. After closing unnecessary tabs, it exceeded 100mln. 
    Worth to mention that measurements vary between attempts. Results oscillate between 80mln and 127mln for some reason. With or without software rendering - the results are the same.

    Thank you for the support
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