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some of my students can no longer log into onshape, any suggested actions we should have them try?

I have watched my students attempt to login at school.  Our school blocks student accounts from receiving external emails and so they register using a personal email account.  Most students had worked on onshape last quarter.  I've witnessed them click on "Forgot password" and use their phone's to try to reset their password, but after choosing a new password, the screen did not update and they still could not login.  I saw the notice that onshape is not set up for mobile devices so I instructed the students to repeat these steps from a home computer to establish a new password.  They came back today and reported the same thing was happening.  They got to the new password area, entered the new passwords and submitted them, but there was no acknowledgement notice and the new passwords still would not allow the students to gain access.  
Why is this happening?
Why do I, and some students have access, while others no longer have access to Onshape?

What should they try next to regain access to their account?


  • Domenico_DiMareDomenico_DiMare Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 85
    @david_malinowski Sorry you and your students are running into issues. I've gone ahead and created a support ticket for you. Someone from our support team will be reaching out to you shortly. Please have a list of the student's emails that are having issues ready for support. They will help get everyone going again!

    In general, for account issues like this, the best way to get help is to contact support by clicking the question mark icon at the top right when you are signed into Onshape and select "Report a bug." Alternatively you can fill out the Contact Us form here and indicate you can't access your account.
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