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Feature Scripts: One large script, or Several small scripts for variables across multiple documents

ryan_blackwoodryan_blackwood Member Posts: 9 ✭✭
I'm using scripts to make variables for every aspect of a huge project (Over 2000 variables and counting).  I'm wondering if there's any performance difference between having all of these organized into 3-4 script files or 20+ script files?

Some background:
I'm designing a large structure that I've been working on for 4 years; the design keeps changing, and I'll sometimes go months without working on it, and forget why certain things are the values they are and some items are already locked in because they've been built.  By writing a script for everything I can make notes for every measurement (including whether it's locked down or can be modified), and I can modify the design through a spreadsheet as things change (ie. Opening 32 now needs to be 60in instead of 64in wide, I can just search opening 32 in the spreadsheet, instead of trying to track down exactly which dimension in which sketch is opening 32).

I have this project broken up into 4 documents, each with multiple part studios.  I currently have 1 global script (variables that are used in multiple documents), plus at least 1 script for each document (for variables that aren't used elsewhere [yet]).  I have so many variables, I'd like to break these up even further, but don't want to do that if its going to make OnShape even slower.


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