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Simscale and Onscale import from Onshape - project list missing?

Hello, it used to be different, once upon a time...

When I "Import from Onshape" into these Apps, the folder tree is empty. In the case of OnScale, if I search for just a single letter (without <CR>), the project names that contain that letter will show up in a folder.
I didn't do exactly the same test in Simscale, but it worked the same with 2 letters.

I'm using a Mac, latest OS update.

It's the same behavior in Chrome and Safari.

Screenshots below, hopefully.

Onscale: initially nothing, then type "f" and a Document folder appears, which I can expand to see 3 projects that contain the letter f.
Simscale: also, initially nothing, then type "in" for some onshore documents to appear.

I remember the behavior seemed to be different before (I'm not a consistent user of FEA). The two things in common are *Mac, and *Onshape.

Thanks in advance,


  • ashwah1993ashwah1993 Member Posts: 1 PRO
    Hi David, There is been some change in the OnScale/ Onshape Import API backend and this is why you can only look up the part/assembly name in the search box at the moment. Our dev team is aware of the issue and is working on updating the API. Thank you for your patience. -Ahmad
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