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Is there a way to call out configuration name automatically via a note in a drawing?

Alexandre_WamainAlexandre_Wamain Member Posts: 12 PRO
My goal is to callout the configuration shown on a drawing automatically via a note. I know I can do this through part properties and was curious if I could also do this with configuration names?

Best Answer


  • MichaelPascoeMichaelPascoe Member Posts: 1,287 PRO
    edited March 6 Answer ✓

    Hi @Alexandre_Wamain, one way you can do this is by configuring a property of your part with a custom feature like Set Property. This way when you change the configuration, it will change the description to match. Then, you can access it within a drawing.

  • Alexandre_WamainAlexandre_Wamain Member Posts: 12 PRO
    Hey Michael, many thanks for the suggestion this is exactly what I was looking for! Curious how this would apply to assemblies?
  • MichaelPascoeMichaelPascoe Member Posts: 1,287 PRO

    Since there are no custom features for assemblies, YET, you would have to do the steps above, then create another list configuration in your assembly. When you insert the part into your assembly, you can control the part studio configuration with the assembly configuration. This is not ideal, but it does work.

  • Alexandre_WamainAlexandre_Wamain Member Posts: 12 PRO
    That totally makes sense! Appreciate the guidance, not ideal but still gives us a work around
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