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CAD Challenges App - hone your Onshape skills or show off your modeling speed!

Matt_ShieldsMatt_Shields Member Posts: 182 PRO
The Onshape Education team would like to announce the release of our new CAD Challenges app.  The team (mostly @matthew_mueller537 and @FelixDeng) has spent the last few months developing and testing this app with the aim of giving Onshape users a tool for practicing (and showing off) their modeling skills.  The challenges come in multiple skill levels to challenge just about any user.  We will continue to improve and add to the app, such as adding assembly and multi-part challenges.  Also, as you can imagine, there are some fun data mining possibilities when you have lots of people modeling the same parts!  Check it out in the App Store today!


  • hester_russellhester_russell Member Posts: 6
    How do you access it?  I subscribed to it but can't see what to do from there to use it.
  • Matt_ShieldsMatt_Shields Member Posts: 182 PRO
    Once you're subscribed, open up Onshape (you might need to refresh your browser), then open an empty Part Studio tab.  It should show up as a right side panel app.

  • jonathan_tunnelljonathan_tunnell Member Posts: 2
    About how often are new challenges expected to be added?
  • Matt_ShieldsMatt_Shields Member Posts: 182 PRO
    Our goal is to have roughly one new challenge added per week.  There are two in the queue as we speak.  Stay tuned!
  • VJRVJR Member Posts: 6
    Hi, OnShape Newbie here. Really enjoying getting to grips with it and love the idea of the CAD challenges. Is there anyway that I can share these as a task for my classes please? 

  • Matt_ShieldsMatt_Shields Member Posts: 182 PRO
    edited February 12
    Hi VJR.  I think that is doable.  When you're working on a CAD Challenge, you can click "Open Reference."  That will open the challenge document.  You could then copy that document (three horizontal bars at the top left next to the Onshape logo).  Or just steal the JPG and put it in your own document.   Then attach that document to an assignment (submisison option 2) using Classes & Assignments.  And it gets better!  You could then use the CAD Checker app to grade your student submissions!
  • VJRVJR Member Posts: 6
    @Matt_Shields that sounds great and is super helpful. I will def have a look at the CAD Checker app also! Thank you so much for the reply. :smile:
  • VJRVJR Member Posts: 6
    @Matt_Shields Sorry for further questions but i have downloaded the CAD Checker app and i am unable to select either of the options in the grey boxes as the page appears to not open fully.  I am assuming are further choices appear (the lower part of the page just glitches back and forth). Any thoughts of how i can rectify this please so i can paste in the URLs of students work?

  • Matt_ShieldsMatt_Shields Member Posts: 182 PRO
    Hi VJR.  Yikes, that sounds like a bug.  Mousing over the grey boxes should reveal sub-menus.  Maybe clear browser cache and try again?  Maybe a different browser?  Or, if in Chrome, open the console and see if there are any errors there?

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