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Manipulating vertex's between sketches on different planes to complete a part feature

dominik_skowronskidominik_skowronski Member Posts: 2
Hi, first post on the forum, and reletively new to cad and Onshape.
I'm doing some modeling practice on an exhaust manifold and i've created several planes for my sketch lines, which i intend on lofting to the collector flange. I'm trying to use standard schedule 10 pipe dimensions so im relying on moving the flange to wherever it needs to be in order to line all the vertecies up. As you see in the photo, there's a small 2 mm gap and another short section. ideally i'd like to coincide those points but theyre on different sketch planes and the pierce tool isn't quite achieving the results i'm looking for.
Seem to be getting ahead of myself and wondering if there's a tool ideal for this situation that i'm not aware of yet.  Open to opinions on a better way to do this of course...since i wont be able to just move the flange for the rest of the cylinders.

Any feedback would be much appriciated! Thanks


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