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Why can I not loft my half Hull ?

steven_mcardlesteven_mcardle Member Posts: 13
I'm using the free version of onshape to try out the drawing features compared to FeeCAD that I have been using.

At the moment I'm trying to loft out a half hull for a boat consisting of 3 sketches but I keep getting a red line that I can't find the answer to resolve.
It seems for some reason I cannot fully constrain splines and in my sketch3 I even have a solid line that says it's not fully constrained even though it has a length and is constrained to the origin.

Below is a screen shot showing the lofting issue I have.

If anybody know why I get this your help would be most appreciated.


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    Phillip_BPhillip_B Member Posts: 33 PRO
    I would recommend working with surfaces here first instead of creating a solid directly by selecting the Surface tab at the top of the feature.
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    steven_mcardlesteven_mcardle Member Posts: 13
    Thanks for that.

    Another question... How can I now make the loft a solid. My transom half does not seem to be filled so I have a nice surface on the half hull but the transom is not filled.

    If however, I mirror the half hull, then the mirrored transom half IS solid.

    See in image

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    Phillip_BPhillip_B Member Posts: 33 PRO
    Use the fill feature to fill the open end. Inside the fill feature dialog you can choose "add" and onshape would automatically create a solid when there are no open surfaces.
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    steven_mcardlesteven_mcardle Member Posts: 13
    Thanks again.

    I had already sorted this out. Couldn't find a withdraw post option here though.

    I knew I had seen a video regarding this on Youtube at some point so went looking. Now my bare hull is pretty much done.

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