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Ability to unwittingly interfere with a pending release

shawn_crockershawn_crocker Member, OS Professional Posts: 789 PRO
   I'm just putting this out there to see if this is a worth candidate for an improvement request or if this is a bug.  I am finding it undesirable that an individual can accidentally interfere with the progress of another pending release.  If a person creates a release and one of the part numbers in the release is in another pending release, the candidate warns them of this.  We have an enterprise setting enabled that stops the release from being submitted under this condition.  The concern for me is that there is nothing stopping the individual from just changing the part number in their new release and then proceeding.
   When this happens, the other pending release will not allow transitioning to a released state.  The pending release will also not let the user know anything is wrong.  An approver can release the candidate and everything will seem fine.  Except the release just doesn't actually go through.  The only way to find out why the release will not go through is to dig through the JSON log of the release.  I'm also thinking the release candidate should provide a more user friendly, less JAVA scripty way for a none tech savvy individual to get to the bottom of why there release continues to remain in a pending state even after releasing.
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