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Add wiring as "Items" or as "parts" that are hidden?

nick_papageorge073nick_papageorge073 Member Posts: 365 PRO
edited March 26 in General
I have a top level assy, it will have about 100 cables in it. This is what I'm thinking to make the BOM correct, and show routing "where/if" I can. Let me know your thoughts please.

1) 24 of the cables are the same PN, a specific high frequency RF cable. I may draw these in 3D to show their real paths, as being RF, their routing is more important than typical cables. This would result in the BOM table showing 24 separate cables, qty 1 each, instead of 1 cable, qty 24. To fix this, I was thinking I'd hide them from the BOM table.  To make the BOM correct, I'd create an "Item" with the PN and description of this cable, and add qty 24 to the BOM.

2) Next scenario for the remaining 80 cables is I'm having some custom cables made, and some common CAT6 cables. Simple stuff like power cables, digital signal cables, etc. On these, I drew them as straight lines and created PN's and 2D drawings to have them made at a vendor. If I insert these "parts" into my assembly, the BOM will be correct, but the geometry would be all straight. Definitely not how it would be in real life, and will clutter the screen. I can do it that way, but hide the cables "geometrically" with a named view "hide straight cables", and show them in the BOM table. OR, I can do the same thing as #1. Create "items" for these cables, and add the items in the BOM. (and delete entirely the "straight" cabled from the assy). Then in the OS company database, there would be both 2d/3d of a PN, and an "Item" of this same PN. The former for the cable vendor, and the later for the assy BOM.

Do you guys and gals see any other options? What do you like best? Thanks.

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