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CAD Challenges App Update!

Matt_ShieldsMatt_Shields Member Posts: 246 PRO
Thank you to everyone who has been trying out our new CAD Challenges App.  If you haven't tried it yet, subscribe for free in the Onshape App Store!

We are pleased to announce that with the lastest update, in addition to challenging your single-part modeling skills, the app can now challenge your multi-part modeling, sheet metal modeling, and assembly skills.

We are always adding challenges, so keep checking back for new challenges... or to better your time on old challenges.



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    StephenGStephenG Member Posts: 367 ✭✭✭
    The App appears to be broken. I get the following error msg:

    Please relaunch this app in the main workspace or create a branch from the left panel to start modelling ...

    Following the above instruction does not correct the problem. Creating a new document, or unsubscribing and resubscribing doesn't correct the problem either.
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    Matt_ShieldsMatt_Shields Member Posts: 246 PRO
    Hi there.  Thank you for checking out our CAD Challenges app!  Unfortunately, we are currently dealing with an issue with all of the Onshape apps.  It should be fixed soon!
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    alnis_ptcalnis_ptc Member Posts: 6 ✭✭
    @StephenG A fix has been deployed for this. Please check to see if the issue still happens.
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    StephenGStephenG Member Posts: 367 ✭✭✭
    Seems to be working now.

    (I suspect this app is built with a dependency to an external 3D party service which was the source of the problem.)  
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