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Why doesn't my full assembly export and print print out ?

Mr_BuffingtonMr_Buffington Member Posts: 2 EDU
 I designed a simple  rectangular  two hole whistle in Onshape.
I designed 2 small pegs which were inserted in the holes using  fastened  mate.
When I exported the file, the pegs which were inside of the fixed assembly inside of the holes  did not export.
Why didn't the pegs export with the entire assembles part?
I do not want to export the pieces  individually  and assemble the whistle.
I thought that was the main purpose of the Assembly feature.
I want to print the whistle  with the pegs in it.
How do I do this ? 


  • matthew_stacymatthew_stacy Member Posts: 473 PRO
    @Mr_Buffington, you didn't provide much detail regarding your methodology, but I suspect that you selected a single part to export rather than selecting the entire assembly.

    Try right clicking on the entire assembly in the component list on the left side of your display to export.  That will include all sub-components.  If you right click on a component in the graphics area your are likely only selecting that single component.  This selection scope distinction is typically reflected in the default name of the exported file. 

    I hope this helps.  Otherwise, share a link to your document and provide a few screenshots to illustrate your approach.
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