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Twisting an object

andy_ford815andy_ford815 Member Posts: 4
Hi there!

I started messing around with the program an hour or so ago, and made this:


After I created it, I thought I would see what it looked like with the small end twisted 90 degrees.

Now, I came from 3D software such as 3DS Max, and in that, you would simply select the object you wanted, give it a twist modifier, then tell it how much you wanted it to twist by.

However, I can't figure it out here. I tried searching for other people with the same problem, and the answers describe needing to create the object with the twist already in mind.

What do people to when they've created a complicated object, then want to twist it?

Is there an easy way to do it, like in 3DS Max?


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    S1monS1mon Member Posts: 2,477 PRO
    The short answer is no. Some NURBS based systems have deforming tools, twist, bend etc, but Onshape does not. You would need to create a helix and then sweep a fin, trim it and pattern it.
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    andy_ford815andy_ford815 Member Posts: 4
    Ah, shame. Looks like this software isn't for me then. Not a fan of 3D software that makes you start from scratch if you have an idea at the end.

    Thanks for the reply. I'll be looking elsewhere.
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