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changing part in relation to sketch plane angle

joshua_samsjoshua_sams Member Posts: 17 PRO
so i created some new parts intended to rotate with a some flat faces

they are created as a new part in context to an existing item in the assembly that happened to be rotated very slightly when the context was created. 

this dose not effect performance but the flat faces on this item and a couple others are nor parallel to the sketch plane
iv realised when iv come to draw up the part and nothing looks quite right/square

i have tired to correct this by moving the original part to be parallel to the sketch plate. now the assembly looks spot on (although no longer rotates at this point)
and iv gone through and updated all the parts contexts. 

they now all show as being parallel but Onshape has rotated there sketch planes so the sketch planes for some items no longer line up with the rest and the drawing is still all squiffy

any ideas on how to resolve this?

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