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How can I get the shape shown to be constrained so I can use it for a loft?

craig_sosebeecraig_sosebee Member Posts: 7
I'm as green as they come, just starting with Onshape. I have "part 3" that I created by outlining  the "bottomside" part that I imported. I'm trying to modify this fan duct to my situation. I've tried it a lot of different ways but they all led me to a dead end that wouldn't work. I created the highlighted shapes in a sketch on plane 1 that intersects the part at its mid-point. But I cant get the shape to go fully constrained to be able to use it to loft to the shapes on Sketch 3. I need the outlined shape to insure the loft has enough room to be hollowed out and still 3d printable. How can I get the shapes constrained, or is there a better way to go about this? I obviously tried to modify the step file "bottomside" but it wouldn't let me change the original loft enough to work. Any help is appreciated.

Link to Onshape file:



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    wout_theelen541wout_theelen541 Member, csevp Posts: 198 PRO
    I can't open the document I get an error message "failed to load document from workspace. Cannot open a document in the trash" Why are there so many seperate nodes on the inside curve? Is it made up of multiple curves? Are you making the original fan duct? How is it modeled or is it just downloaded from the OEM?

    From just what I see I would recommend making use of the "use" and "offset" tools depending on how you're modelling. I would also avoid mirroring this many entities in a sketch rather just make one side first and then use the mirror tool. Also make sure to click the "disable imprrinting" checkbox otherwise you will run into a lot more problems.

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    craig_sosebeecraig_sosebee Member Posts: 7
    Yeah, I've learned a lot since posting this question. Like I said, I was as green as they come. So many bad habits present in just this file. I would actually delete this post, but I couldnt figure out how. Although your suggestion about the imprinting made me look that up to see what it is actually about. Good stuff that I clearly didnt know yet. Thanks.
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