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Is there a way to automate "copy specific part and select a tranform type for the user"?

In the Part Studio I am repeatedly moving my cursor to the same part (a washer) in the list, right clicking it, moving my cursor to the Copy option, clicking it, moving my cursor to the transform window, clicking the transform type drop-down menu, moving down to "Transform by mate connectors" and clicking again, then to select the first connector I am clicking the same hole of the washer as I've done several times, before I finally make a unique action where I choose a new location for the new copy.

If a script could just "Copy [Part 16], Select [Transform by mate connectors]", it would be awesome.

It would be nice if it could also select the first connector, too, but it would still be great without it.

Does this kind of copy script already exist, or can one be written? Would it be a lot of work to set up?


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