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STL Import can not select edge geometry

aiden_tanner263aiden_tanner263 Member Posts: 2 EDU

I am trying to import an STL file to be used as a solid body. When I import, onshape recognizes and imports the STL as a single surface with one large open face; however, I can not select the edges of that face for any of the "fill" surface modeling tool. Despite this, I can still select the edge when I am not in a tool menu, but as soon as I try activate the tool and try to select the edge, the edge is unable to be selected. 

Is this an issue with the STL file? Is this an issue with the import?

Thank you for any insight!


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    RojhatRojhat Member Posts: 2
    Same problem here. I can only highlight the entire surface and the edge. The problem is not in the file.
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    roman_jurt190roman_jurt190 Member Posts: 32 EDU
    edited October 2023
    if the stl is watertight, you can cut/split it and use the contour lines in a sketch.
    if the stl is open, you get errors, but can still cut/split it. and use the lines in a sketch (and get more errors). using these allows for use of the fill feature.

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    matti_suuronenmatti_suuronen Member Posts: 17 ✭✭
    Splitting works, but you cannot always cut the mesh, at least not easily. It would be great if you could just select the edges of a hole in a mesh, and use "fill" to patch it. Now I need to use other software to fix/modify the mesh. Overall, it would be nice to have more mesh tools in Onshape.
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