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Inserting Inspection Item into a Table

Rhett_RobinsonRhett_Robinson Member Posts: 92 PRO
I need to put an inspection item in a specific column of a drawing table per a supplier request, but Onshape doesn't let me add one into the cell. I have created a note, added the inspection item, and moved it into the cell of the table, but then it is not connected to the table and will not move if the table moves. Is there a way around my hack job? The group option did not appear when both were selected.


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    PeteYodisPeteYodis Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 519
    @Rhett_Robinson I've created a support ticket for you on this. We have in mind a different solution for what you want.  I'll put you on that improvement via the ticket.  It also appears you are creating a tabulated drawing for configured components.  
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    Rhett_RobinsonRhett_Robinson Member Posts: 92 PRO
    @PeteYodis The part in real life has four different configurations that the vendor is creating (just one dimension is different), but in this instance there is only one "configuration" in the Onshape document that was made by the engineer. I am not sure exactly how they made the table either, I guess it is hard to describe since I can't share the actual drawing on here.
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