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I need help scaling down my project

jon_shoop202jon_shoop202 Member Posts: 3 EDU
I have been working on this 3d laser printed deer in cad and now have a decent 3d model but the problem is that it is the wrong size and I need it to only be 8 or 9 inches long. The problem is when I try to use the scale tool in transform it changes the thickness of the part and slots but the thickness need to stay the same at .19 as when I print it I only have that size plywood. Can someone help me if more info Is need please ask.


  • matthew_stacymatthew_stacy Member Posts: 474 PRO
    @jon_shoop202, one approach is to apply the transform tool at the sketch-level rather.  The Help Menu covers this topic fairly well. 
    • Edit sketch
    • Select the TRANSFORM TOOL
    • Select entities to scale (e.g. box select everything)
    • Click and drag the triangle manipulator (outward to scale up / inward for down, or type in the desired scale

    Note that you could assign a variable to scale multiple sketches uniformly.  However, if your model includes a large number sketches that need to be scaled it may prove more expedient to employ other approaches.  For example.  Rather than extruding your sketches to create solids, apply the FILL tool to create one or more surfaces.  Then apply the TRANSFORM tool to scale surfaces.  The surfaces can subsequently be extruded to your specified depth of 0.19 inches.

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