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Edit a mate offset without going into the full Mate Feature dialogue?

craig_aitkencraig_aitken Member Posts: 4
When working within an assembly, is there an easy way to edit an offset without having to double click and open the full Mate Feature edit dialogue?  

I tried to interact with the instantaneous popout (see below), but i cant seem to get anything to happen.


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    OSKMOSKM Member Posts: 16 PRO
    No is the simple answer, the popup is just for info, you could suggest it as an improvement request but I would think most (myself included) prefer it the way it is to avoid unintentional updates
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    eric_pestyeric_pesty Member Posts: 1,626 PRO
    edited May 2023
    Just realized I had written this but never hit the "post" button!

    The popup is just a "preview" of the data. 
    Mates that have a degree of freedom do let you set the position of the degree of freedom from a single click on the mate but not here.

    However, since you already have the mouse cursor right there, what's the issue with double clicking to edit? 

    One workaround, (especially if you had several of these things you wanted to adjust at the same time) would be to use a variable studio to control the offset and then you could have that open in another window to quickly "try" different values.

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