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Inserting sketches into an assembly error

JustinCJustinC Member Posts: 2
Hi everyone, I'm trying to insert a sketch into my assembly document so that I can add independent mate connectors at the key points defined in the sketch. I have tried inserting sketches from my separate master sketch document which currently contains ~10 sketches. However, only 1/10 of the sketches will insert properly, and the rest are added as imported sketches in the side bar, but no geometry shows. Another thing to note is that the sketch origin for the sketches that don't import properly are based at the origin while the one that imports properly isn't.

I've tried to import sketches from within the document I'm using and it imports correctly, but I'd like to use the master sketches so I don't have to re-draw anything in the current document I'm working from and can pull them straight from the masters.

Has anyone run into this? Or does anyone have better workflow suggestions to define the key MC points in the assembly without importing a drawing? Open to suggestions but it would still be nice to know what I'm doing wrong here.

Thank you in advance!!


  • OSKMOSKM Member Posts: 16 PRO
    Without seeing the document in question it is difficult to say for sure.

    They are obviously from a versioned document so one thing to check would be if they are some how hidden on suppressed in the current version or the branch they are referencing.
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