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New browser extension: additional Onshape keyboard shortcuts (like shift+9 for trimetric view)

javawizardjavawizard Member Posts: 12
I just put together a userscript (read: lightweight browser extension) that adds some keyboard shortcuts to Onshape that I find useful and figured I'd share it with the community. It's called Javawizard's Onshape Keyboard Enhancements (I couldn't resist the acronym ;) )

The code and installation instructions are available here: https://github.com/javawizard/onshape-keyboard-enhancements

Right now it adds the following keyboard shortcuts, with more to come:

  • Shift + 8: switch to dimetric view
  • Shift + 9: switch to trimetric view
  • Cmd/ctrl + shift + P: open the tool search bar (same as opt/alt + C; this is the keyboard shortcut Visual Studio Code uses for its search function)
  • Cmd/ctrl + enter: commit the current feature (same as just pressing enter but works within sketches where enter commits sketch elements instead of the sketch itself)

Let me know if you find it useful or if there are any additional shortcuts you'd like to see! (And if anyone from the Onshape team is reading this: I would dearly love it if you added these shortcuts to Onshape and made this extension obsolete 😄)
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